Under the Southern Sun

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Help Me Name the Boat in My Next Book!

Hi friend!

I am finally writing more of my next novel called Until April! Thank you for all the prayers for my writing after I took a sabbatical this past year. 
I am two thirds into the story, and there is a boat I’ve been calling one name, but I don’t feel like it is quite right. 
I would love to have your input.

New Friend. New Address.

New Friend. New Address.

The second bit of news is that I made a new writing friend.
Writing brings so many lovely authors and readers together. Charlsie Estess is a fellow Mississippian and a new author so we met for lunch last year. She is kind and very smart. And now her first book is releasing!

Wilderness Times and the Power of Praise

Wilderness Times and the Power of Praise

Recently, my Bible studies and podcasts have all drawn my attention to how God uses the times in our life when we feel we are in an emotional desert: in a dry or lonely wilderness. We all have hard times, dry times…times when we are waiting for a situation to change for the better. But during those difficult periods, I believe God draws us near to Him. We learn to rely on HIm, instead of ourselves.

What My Book Club is Reading

What My Book Club is Reading

Happy Spring friend! Every year I try to remember to tell y'all what my book club has read and planning to read. The club has been together over twenty years, and everyone suggests a book in January then we vote for which books to read monthly. It's really fun, and it...

The Beauty of Easter

Hi Friend, Spring is in full bloom here in Mississippi, and it's one of my favorite times. The past seven years, I've worked at the Mississippi Legislature from January through April. At lunch, I love to get out in the sunshine and walk around our Capitol. Here are a...

60 is the New 59 🙂

Ten years ago, when I turned 50, my family gave me a great surprise party with a cake that said 50 is the new 30. So much fun!

Now, I’ve turned 60, recently, and some days I definitely feel it–60 is not the new 40, LOL.