Under the Southern Sun

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2024 Reader and Author Events

Happy New Year from me to you! I'm excited for another year to start. New possibilities. New chances. New friends. New books. New things to learn. I am currently re-reading the New Testament, and I plan to start a new study with my ladies small group by Shelia...

The Power of Story

Many years ago, a young mother at the church I attended discovered Christian fiction. Those books she read impacted her faith so much she started a book club. She felt that God had used those novels to draw her back to Him. And she wanted other people to experience some of what she had through reading those stories. She felt God was using fiction to work on her heart.

Why I write redemption stories: I was a prodigal

Why I write redemption stories: I was a prodigal

Last time I wrote, I told you about how an anxiety disorder motivated me to write my first novel. Another reason I write faith-filled fiction is to encourage those who might have stepped away from their faith. Like I did!
Because I was a prodigal for many years.