This popped up on my Facebook memories from several years ago when I had a lot going on in my family. Wow! I needed this reminder!
I’m working on gratitude and thought, What are some things I should be thankful for that I consider annoyances?
I’m blessed that I have dishes to wash, because I know that I have food.
I’m blessed I have pet hair to clean up, because I can afford to feed three fat animals.
I’m blessed that there’s always mounds of laundry, because we have a lot of clothes.
I’m blessed that I can’t figure out what to make for supper, because I have a choice.
I’m blessed that my family argues over ridiculous things, because we’re still around to do so.
I’m blessed that I worry when I wear my sandals if my toenails look okay, because I have more than one pair of shoes.
I’m blessed that my Toyota has an engine light that flashes for unknown reasons, because it has 178,000 miles and has never broken down. (I have newer Toyota now with 80,000 miles already and no weird engine light! Yay!)
I could go on. So even in my daily annoyances, I want to remember… I am blessed.
I know holidays can be stressful, but I pray we all remember to find the blessings in the midst 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving!
As always, if I can pray for you, reply to this email.
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