Hi friends!

My husband and I had a very short engagement–three and a half weeks. We’d planned to elope, but found out at the courthouse that we had to wait three days. So my husband said we might as well get a minister to marry us.

The minister required at least three or four sessions of counseling, and that’s how the time expanded by at least three weeks, ha!

My family and friends got wind of our plans, and they said hold on! They wanted to be there, so we reserved the church, and invitations went out the very next day. In calligraphy, even. I bought a dress off the rack that fit. My sisters found matching dresses. My parents hosted the reception at their house.

It’s amazing how fast weddings can actually come together if highly motivated, LOL! We had flowers, a harpist for the bridal march and other music, wedding cakes, and light fare.

It was perfect for us!


After writing a heavy story like last year’s novel Healing Skye, I wanted to write something lighter–a destination wedding story where the characters hit a few big road bumps along the way. While on vacation in the Grand Tetons, I’d come up with a few ideas for that. 🙂

Who knew my daughter would be planning a wedding now?

Well, God did, of course. 🙂

It’s been kind of a fun coincidence.

Here’s the link to preorder Holding On to Hope in case you missed it. Amazon

I’d love to hear your wedding story! Leave a comment if you want to share!

Prayer request welcome too.

Blessings in Him,


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