Hi Friends,

I realized that I totally forgot to tell you that Holding On to Hope is now on Audible! Paul Curtis narrated it, since he did such a nice job with For the Love of Joy.

Here’s the link! 


Also, I always like to share when I’ve found something fun to watch or listen to! 

My husband found an interesting show called Drive Thru Through History: Acts to Revelation that we’ve been watching. It’s really neat to see the places where the Bible actually happened and learn more about the history. It’s on several platforms for free, including Prime and Pureflix.

I also found a new podcast I’m enjoying called Think Eternity! He’s had some fascinating and inspirational guests, including Randy Alcorn which is how I found it. You can find it in your podcast app, or here’s the website: https://thinke.org/podcast

What good things have you found recently?

Can I pray for you today?

I look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to pray for me, pray that anything I write be for God’s glory.

Blessings in Him,


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