Remembering Church camp

It’s been a while since I’ve been the “craft lady” at church camp, but I ran across some notes I wrote one summer while I was out there sweating in the Mississippi July heat. It was fun to relive those memories. I can remember sitting on a picnic table during quiet time and writing these thoughts. Maybe you’ll enjoy them and have a sweet memory or your own.


The breeze is like Your embrace. How do I describe the pleasant sound of it in the trees? Open the doors of my heart. Pour in all that is missing. Erase the numbness and deadness. Squelch all my anxious thoughts. The tickle of my hair blowing across my face makes me smile. You love me. Keep reminding me. I’m so quick to forget. I enjoy Your presence in Your creation. The beauty that is You.

Sweat cleansing my pores. Breeze, blue sky, burly white clouds, enormous green trees, the rhythmic humming of the cicadas. They quiet of time in prayer. The simplicity of life away from the world gives me peace. What do we lack? We have full stomachs, smiles and songs too. Like the birds, we have no reason to worry. You care for our needs. You remind us to laugh, strong and hard. Remind us of Your cleansing forgiveness too. And the peace that comes with it.

Thank you, Lord. Bless you, Lord.


I hope you’re having a great week!

Blessings to you all!


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