Hello Friends,
Exciting news! My novel Healing Skye is a finalist in the Faith Hope Love Readers’ Choice Awards (Long Contemporary) alongside fantastic novels by Becky Wade and Nicole Deese! I’m so thankful to God and you my readers!
Other news: A few weeks ago, I traveled to the Fort Walton area. When in Florida, whether we were in a parking garage, an elevator, on the landscaped grounds, or in restaurants, some of us had ideas of how fun it would be for people to have a romantic cute-meet. Others, though, had ideas of danger and mystery! They imagined murders in all the dark corners.
Who were these strange people?? Authors of course!
In May, I had the opportunity to hang out other writers. We met every morning to encourage each other, then broke up to go write until dinner when we shared a meal. The ladies were all super nice. AND I’m working super hard on a new story called Holding Onto Hope!

Don’t they look fun! I even put my feet in the water for a few minutes.
I’ll probably miss someone’s name, but here are most of the attendees for the writing retreat: Virginia Vaughn, Lenora Worth, Lindi Peterson, Tanya Angler, Heidi Main, Tracey Lions, Tracy Fredrychowski, Allie Pleiter, Laurel Blount, Missy Tippens, Marilyn Turk, Jenelle Marie Hovde, Izzy James, Betsy Iler.
Check out their novels when you get a chance 🙂
Also there’s a great new magazine for Christian readers here: https://sheepgatepublishing.co…
How’s your summer going? Have you read anything great? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below, and let me know!