Dear friend,

First, I have been struggling with my website and my email service provider not communicating or allowing your emails to come through.

I am so very sorry if you tried to reply to my last newsletter and could not get in touch! I have been sad about not getting to hear from you, so I hired someone to get me set up with a new web host and email.

I pray it is fixed now!

The second bit of news is that I made a new writing friend.

Writing brings so many lovely authors and readers together. Charlsie Estess is a fellow Mississippian and a new author so we met for lunch last year. She is kind and very smart. And now her first book is releasing!

I asked her to tell us a little about herself and her novel.

Many years ago, I felt led to write, but I also questioned the calling. In hindsight, I pulled a Jonah twice. “My sheep hear my voice” kept tumbling through my mind, kept showing up in studies. So, though I kept working, I did start writing, more for personal enjoyment and anxiety-therapy than with a goal of selling a book. But I finished one book (then another book), and I prayed about the calling.

First written to be a sweet romance crossover grounded in truth, God had a different plan! When the Ocean Roars is a Contemporary Christian Romance. It begins as a fast-paced, entertaining read, but it also shares faith-based struggles, spiritual truths, and a redemption tale that I hope will resonate with many.

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Congrats Charlsie!! Find Charlsie’s debut novel When the Oceans Roar on Amazon now!…

I hope this letter finds you doing well. If not, I pray Jesus will be your rock and comfort. I have a wise friend who told me years ago to thank God for normal days. I have hung on to that!

Blessings in Him,


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