Hi friends,
A few weeks ago, I forced my husband to go along on a research trip with me to Dauphin Island. (For some reason, my girlfriends enjoy these trips more, LOL!)
I scheduled to go on a excursion to go on the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Research Vessel! They have these excursions open for the public for about $30 a piece.
That morning we met at the Estuarium (their public aquarium). We boarded the ship nearby, and they took us out. As we traveled to waters the captain chose that were sheltered from the wind, not terribly far off the island, our marine educator talked to us about the history of the island and Mobile Bay. (You might read a bit of this when the novel comes out.)
One of the other helpers on the trip let out trawl nets as we sailed, then once we reached a good spot, they stopped and showed us the catch. The educator explained the various sea creatures allowing us to touch them. I’m a bit like a kid, so I had a blast! 

If you’re ever down this way, I recommend this trip. I’m enjoying learning about marine science! I sure hope I can do it justice in the novel I’m working on called Healing Skye 🙂
I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend!
I’ve included a contest below if you’re interested in entering.
Blessings in Him!