Hello friend!

Last month, I told you that I attended a writing conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. I brought my husband, and my daughter joined us, so we took in some sites together.

I booked us a clear kayaking tour. (This was one of the reasons my husband HAD to go, because I cannot paddle to save my life! LOL!) It was so lovely being paddled around and seeing nature. 

The other tour I booked was a short boat ride to a little island to look for shells one morning. This brings me so much joy for some reason! 

I love seeing what the sea–or the Gulf in this case–has spit out on shore. I rarely buy souvenirs on any of our travels. I really don’t need more clutter in our “starter home” we’ve happily lived in over the thirty years since we married. But I cannot resist a pretty shell, an interesting rock, drift wood, or especially sea glass.

I have shells in every empty container or vase in our house. (By the way, I never take ones that have living creatures in them.) I just find creation so fascinating. I feel certain I want to take some characters out shelling. Maybe in the book I’m working on!

Speaking of books, I made a handy checklist of mine. Just in case you missed one along the way 🙂


So that’s my collection. Seashells. 

Do you collect something? I’d love to know, leave a comment or message me from my site.

Also if you have any life updates or prayer requests, send them along too.

We saw a few other things in St. Pete if you want more details on those, as well.

Blessings in Him,


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