Hello friend,

Valentine’s Day celebrations might be hard for some people for a multitude of reasons. But we we can remember that we have a God of love that is always here for us. 

We are never alone. You are never alone.


Speaking of being with the Lord… 

Recently, I’ve had trouble sleeping. Getting older does that, I guess, but I’ve found this prayer app I like to listen to right before I go to sleep called Lectio 365. The evening prayer is so relaxing. Maybe you would enjoy it too.

If you want something lighthearted for Valentine’s to listen to or read, I’ve just gone back through my audio book Holding On to Hope, because I had actually forgotten some things I needed to know to write my next novel. (Another one of those aging things?)

Anyway, I enjoyed the narrator’s version. It reminded me of the fun things on our family’s trips out West, including our experiences with chuckwagon dinners. We have participated in two, one in Wyoming and another in South Dakota, and I kind of rolled them into one for the novel.

There’s a part where something spooks one of the horses, based on something that happened with my adult kids, but I exaggerated the experience for the story’s excitement. My hero’s fear of horses is somewhat based on my own leeriness to get on one, ha! 

It was fun thinking about those family trips again as I listened to this rom-com.

I pray your week is a good one! If I can pray for you today, it would be my honor. Just send me your request 🙂

Blessings and love in Him,


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